Platypus - N95 Style Mask

A no-nonsense mask that’s designed to do it’s job, so you can do your’s.


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The Platypus starts out with an N95-rated material made by Filti, then a layer of H100 sterilization wrap as a first defense against respiratory droplets. The Platypus is assembled using a combination of laser-cut materials, impulse heat welds, and ultrasonic welding. It’s a no-sew design without any holes poking through that can compromise the filter integrity.

The Platypus is the result of a long journey of designs, tests, and a pile of masks that weren’t up to what we want in an N95-style mask. Check out our videos and see what tests we performed, and why we think this is a great mask.

This mask or filter media has not been tested for medical purposes or cleared by the FDA, NIOSH, OSHA, or any governing bodies. Rydge Technologies makes no claims or guarantees as to the fitness of this product for medical use. The contents of this webpage and any testing we have done with these products are for informational purposes only and the user is completely responsible for the proper use of these items. By buying this product, you do agree to this disclaimer and will not hold Rydge Technologies liable for any misuse of this product.

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