Open-Source Filter Adapter for MSA AirHawk SCBA

Tools You'll Need

  • Flush Cutters
  • Screw driver for the bolts 
  • Electric drill
  • 7/64” drill bit
  • Drill bit for putting the screws in 

Hardware You'll Need

  • R19 O Ring 
  • M3x14mm Button Head Bolts x12
  • 5mm x 25mm x 0.5mm Springs x2

Step 1: Printing

For printing the parts, there are 3 Gcode files that need to be printed. The Base, The Lid and the Hardware kit. A lot of time has been put into getting the print settings tuned for easy assembly and support removal. Make sure you printer is leveled correctly, that you have a good first layer and that there is no under extrusion. If those are all fine than you shouldn’t have any issues with printing. 

The 3 Files will print:

  1. Base 
  2. Lid
  3. Lid Latch
  4. Latches x2
  5. Latch covers x2
  6. Filter spacer 

Step 2: Support Removal

If your printer is calibrated correctly the supports should pop off easily. If not, It may take a bit longer but you should end up with something like this: (Picture of the parts with out supports) A couple things to watch when you remove the supports are the groove where the O Ring sits and the 2 cavities for the latches. Make sure that they are clear of any small pieces of support or else it won’t fit together and seal correctly.

Step 3: Assembly

With the supports removed from your 3D printed parts it is now time for assembly. Begin with putting the O ring in place. It is really important to make sure that there are no pieces of support material still left in the groove for the O ring as this can cause the adapter to not fit the mask. (Picture of a good and bad O ring groove)
Next up is the Lid. There are just 2 screws for the lid hinge and another 2 screws for the lid latch. 
With the lid and lid latch in place it is now time for the spring latches. You will most likely need to use a small drill to clean the bolt holes however, be careful to only go 12mm in from the surface. This will make sure that the print stays airtight. Make sure that everything moves freely before putting the spring, latch and latch cover in place and bolting it shut. A firm hand tightening is all it needs. An electric drill for putting the bolts in place is highly recommended.
Put the filter spacer in place making sure you have the correct orientation and you are finished with the assembly.

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