When COVID-19 hit the US in early March, we shifted focus from RydgeTalk development to working on PPE for medical workers and first responders. We reasoned that if we were going to go through the effort to produce PPE, that it should be well-designed and very effective. Borrowing ideas from the online maker community, we combined the best ideas into new designs tested for superior effectiveness and are easier to make than most other homemade PPE. Our hope is that makers around the world can us these tutorials to help protect their communities.

N95-Style Platypus Mask

The Platypus is the result of a long journey of designs, tests, and a pile of masks that weren’t up to what we want in an N95-style mask. It’s a no-sew design without any holes poking through that can compromise the filter integrity.

Surgical-Style Barrier Mask

An open-source surgical-style mask that’s actually comfortable and breathable enough to wear all day long. This no-sew design can be made in under 3 minutes, and it’s effective at stopping those nasty respiratory droplets. 

SCBA Filter Adapter - MSA

No more expensive disposable filters or cold air packs for basic medical calls! This clever adapter enables firefighters to easily swap out inexpensive filter media in seconds. This open-source project works with the MSA SCBA AirHawk mask


For the first few weeks of PPE production beginning in March of 2020, we focused entirely on manufacturing at cost for our community. Demand was high enough that we offered it for sale online. These effective products have been used all over the US and Canada. This is our remaining supply of products and materials.

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