When your department needs new recruits but can’t afford new radios that cost several thousand dollars each, Brick allows smartphones to be used along with the radios you have.

When you can’t remember the street address of the call you are heading to, Brick gives you the ability to replay the message from dispatch on your phone.

When you need to monitor the emergency channel, but can’t have a radio in the business meeting, Brick enables you to use your wireless earbud to monitor the channel through your smartphone.

When your department needs pagers but you have 800 members, one Brick unit can transmit the page to each members’ smartphone. 

Uncomplicated. Seriously.

Brick configuration is simple and fast thanks to an intuitive touchscreen interface. Setup the device account, join or start a new channel in Zello, and start talking. Settings are saved every time you turn on Brick.

Universal I/O

  • Power over USB-C
  • TRRS to host radio
  • Ethernet to the world

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