Robust flexibility.

When the call is just outside the reach of your radio coverage, Boulder empowers the team to use the smartphones they already have to communicate back to everyone else in the coverage area, and vice versa.

When the incident requires several departments to respond, multiple Boulder units bridge each department’s own radio system into a seamless connection.

When a rescue team needs to consult with a surgeon hundreds of miles away, Boulder enables the surgeon to speak from his smartphone directly to the radios at the incident. 

Loads of power.

Boulder performs without external power for over 24hrs using an integrated 200 watt-hour battery pack. 

Defining rapid.

Using nothing but a touchscreen, Boulder configuration is simple and fast. Setup the device account, join or start a new channel in Zello, and start talking. Settings are saved every time you turn on Boulder.

Standard connections.

  • TRRS to host radio
  • Ethernet to the world
  • 12 volt DC input

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