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When disruptive forces in the Earth cause tectonic plates to collide; mountain ridges are formed. This disruption creates vantage points from which we can see new opportunities on the horizon. At Rydge, we use these vantage points to navigate us to innovations for the first responder.

We are technology professionals who work together, and volunteer firefighters who serve together. When software, networking, communications, and robotics are joined with experience in emergency services, disruption occurs.

Chief Executive Officer

With a background in programming, UI development, and graphic design, Caleb brought the Rydge team together. He’s a volunteer fire chief, critical care paramedic, ham radio operator, and licensed drone pilot.

Chief Creative Officer

A born creative with an eye for precision, Bo brings experience in wireless network engineering. He’s a filmmaker, photographer, audiophile, emergency medical responder, ham radio tech, and licensed drone pilot.

Peyton Vaughn

Software Technologies

With coffee in his veins, Peyton can hack and reverse-engineer nearly anything running on ones and zeros. He’s an ISP systems administrator, Unity developer, volunteer firefighter, and emergency medical responder.

Joe Ryan

Hardware Technologies

Cooler than a cucumber, Joe keeps things calm, organized, and ready for action. He’s a paramedic, volunteer firefighter, mechanic, ham radio operator, and can give an exhaustive review of the best energy drinks.

Michael King

3D Modeling

Years of working in Fusion360 has enabled Michael to take ideas and give them shape in a virtual environment. He’s a fire department explorer, and has built, flown, and rapidly deconstructed countless racing drones.

Sam Evans

Electromechanical Technician

Jack of all trades, and experience in just about everything, Sam gets the job done. He’s a volunteer firefighter, racing drone builder, mechanic, and ham radio tinkerer. He also finds nuts in brownies unacceptable.

Technology Consultant

An engineer at heart, Keith has an extensive coding skillset that has made him an expert in the world of technology, and what keeps it all running. He’s an IT consultant, pastor, and a foodie before foodies were a thing.

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